If Tuvalu Sinks, The world sinks with it

Our mission

Our mission is to become the largest youth non governmental organization to address the environmental and humanitarian issues taking place in Tuvalu. At the same time, we seek to stand out for the action taking and the spreading of collective awareness, regarding the current global sustainability crisis.

Our campaign is based on the philosophy “small actions for big changes”. By analyzing the problem of climate change in Tuvalu, we can realize it arises from years and years of human inability to meet daily needs without damaging the environment.

“Less than 10 years remain to save the country, the people, and the culture of Tuvalu”

Climate Change is a real threat

At Saving Tuvalu, we aspire to build a community of individuals who are capable of restoring their own habits in line with sustainable development, while encouraging others to question the impact of theirs. Together we take the first big step to save Tuvalu from extinction: being aware of our own actions in order to preserve the environment around us.

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Our latest Projects

Tuvalu: Under the waters of indifference

Mini documentary filmed and edited in collaboration with Fridays For Future Digital and photographer Tala Simeti.

Bululú podcast

Our directors have been featured in an episode of youth podcast Bululú! Hosted by Iñaki Fernández