About Us

Our campaign, the value, and the ultimate goal

Our journey saving tuvalu...

Saving Tuvalu Global Campaign is driven by two main objectives, which contribute to the development of two distinct approaches: the humanitarian-environmental crisis in Tuvalu, and the global humanitarian-environmental crisis. 

Our main goal as a campaign is to raise collective awareness about the impact that the environmental crisis of climate change has had in Tuvalu, in addition to the internal problems already existent as a consequence. Based on this, support programs and projects will be implemented to improve the quality of life indexes of its population. 

Also, we believe in the importance of promoting reflection on the impact that actions carried out on a daily basis have on the environment. At the same time, it seeks to encourage actions by proposing projects aimed at improving conditions and environmental aid, on both a regional and global scale.

“While there is life, there is hope.”

– Dr. Stephen W. Hawking

Our values

At Saving Tuvalu we all believe in humankind, in our great ability to adapt and to create, to change in order to improve, and to come with new alternatives to solve the problems that we encounter along the way. Climate change is an issue that makes us inspect within ourselves and our habits that affect our environment. Tuvalu is sinking, and as a species we cannot allow ourselves to lose a whole country in the face of our own mistakes. 

We need to start trusting in our capacity of bringing this nation out of all the problems it suffers, as a consequence of our own actions. We need to stop losing battles against ourselves.

If Tuvalu sinks, the world sinks with it. If we save Tuvalu, we save the world.