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Welcome to Saving Tuvalu. We are a youth-led international organisation, striving to amplify the voices of the citizens of Tuvalu: a small Pacific-island nation of low lying islands that is experiencing the devastating daily impacts of the climate crisis. In this era of global interdependence and growing environmental challenges, it is extremely necessary that we, the international community, join forces and give the spotlight to the communities suffering firsthand from the effects of environmental and humanitarian marginalisation. 

Our team is composed of a global workforce with youth people from countries including Mexico, Fiji, the United States of America, Cyprus, Turkey, France, Germany, New Zealand and Tuvalu, who share a common goal to dismantle the current systems of oppression, promote sustainable living standards, and stand in solidarity with the fight towards liberation.

audiovisual Department

Iñaki Fernandez - Audiovisual Department Director
Maja Sucharzewska - Creative Scriptwriter

Communications Department

airplane, aircraft, fly
Ira Schneider - Communication Department Director & EDP Strategist

Development & innovation Department

Chenyao Liu - Development & Innovation Department Director
Linda Berry​ - Strategist
Atlas Sarrafoğlu​ - Strategist

Editorial Department

Calan Simpson - Editorial Department Director
Andrea Miltiadous​ - Analytical Writer


Santiago Medina - International Leader
Kato Ewekia - International and National Leader